About me

Hi there! I’m Lisa and this is me in a quickie….After many years on the West Coast and some stints abroad, I have finally settled deep in the heart of Texas. My dad gave me my first polaroid camera when I was 7 and I haven’t stopped shooting since. I decided to follow my passion and study photography in the city of light at Speos Paris Photographic where I met wonderful people, walked in the most gorgeous city every day, camera in hand and I spent many many hours in the darkroom processing film and making prints. Although, I love the artistic side of making everything from start to finish, for practical purposes, I primarily shoot digital now, hence the moniker, The Digital Bird :).

I’ve now returned to my Texas roots settling in Austin, but happy to travel as I love an adventure, road trips and all the fun stops along the way. I love to take pictures of people, places and things. I get inspired and excited easily and I love nerding out with the camera. Contact me and see if we can make some fun photo magic!

And thanks so very much for stopping by.

~Lisa ‘the digital bird’



3 thoughts on “About me”


  2. stevesw said:

    Glad I found your very nice blog, as I am planning to move to Austin…eventually.

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