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This morning I hit the 3rd Annual FREEDOM AIN’T FREE sale at Stag on South Congress. I think I have gone all three years in fact. It’s a fun little sidewalk sale filled with vintage wares, antiques and oddities. I picked up some rather interesting pages from the FBI. They were from the Most Wanted files that were framed with all the stats about the criminals including their mugshots. That should be some fun art to hang. yey art!

keeping with the patriotic theme of the week

it kinda made me sad to this taxidermy just sorta laying on the ground.

bring back the old school beer cans!

I have no idea what these boxes contain (if anything) but they are definitely curious.

Know Yourself! I’m a Pisces…what are you?

Revival Cycles – Austin, Texas

Revival Cycles – Austin, Texas


Until next year….