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Love lost portraits

A few Sundays ago, my sister L and I went to one of my favorite vintage treasure troves in Austin. Room Service. It is chock full of all sorts of goodies, really good prices and hours of entertainment.

Room Service is open daily from 11-7 and located on North Loop.

Such a great desk and an amazing price, I wish I had snatched it up!

tapestry fabric and clunky tv

Sister L found a chair she likes and I found some dolls that I DIDN’T like 😉

who remembers DRISTAN and BUFFERIN?

feelin blue

the door to the bathroom…what lies behind is interesting…

The Bathroom Bunny collection

The bathroom is LITERALLY filled with rabbits which is totally weird, but kind of funny.

Classic vintage Playboy

The helmet reminds me of ‘Easy Rider’