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Springtime is short and sweet in Central Texas. Starting in April through Memorial Day you see people out in DROVES. My take is that everyone is trying to enjoy it all before it starts to feel like we are living on the sun and who can blame them? Texas has so much beauty to offer, but we definitely got the short stick when it comes to the weather. That said, I am trying to get out there and enjoy the outdoors on the weekends while I can. Last weekend my girl Ash D and I went out to Stonewall, which is about 10 miles East of Fredericksburg, for the annual Lavender Festival held at Becker Vineyards. Becker Vineyards produce a variety of wines, in addition to having lavender fields on the premises. It is also a venue with a Bed & Breakfast housed on site. I can only imagine attending or having your wedding there. It’s really quite the lovely spot.

There was a nice crowd for Lavender Festival, vendors from all around and wine tasting (of course). We would have liked to see a few more lavender infused food options, but otherwise, had a great time. I picked up some of the beautiful artisan soaps for gifts and purchased some white wine lavender jelly, which I have yet to try. The weather was crisp and sunny, perfect for cruising around the Hill Country.