My initial tagline on this blog was ‘Exploring Austin and sometimes myself’. I started this blog in January of 2011 as a self expression project / bucket list. I did pretty good for a while posting places I’ve never been in and around Austin, focusing on my first attempt at being a gardener and cooking a new dish every week. I don’t know where I fell off, but I did. I think perhaps due to the fact that I look after Social Media on behalf of many local Austin businesses, I often put myself and my creative needs last. However, I do think back on why I started this blog, which has now evolved into a place to showcase my photography, I want to continue to explore this great town of Austin AND to be able to showcase my work. Both can be done, why not right? So, in addition to showing recent and older photography work, I vow to visit and document more places around Austin. Next up….a beautiful garden and landscape paradise. Stay tuned and thanks for all of the likes and accolades.

Much love – Lisa ‘the digital bird’