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Sometime last Fall I returned to California, a place I used to call home. I was able to revisit LA, reconnect with friends and eat at old favorites. However, I also got to explore new territory. In the thirteen years that I lived in Southern California, I never once made it out to Joshua Tree. My girl, Deanna, suggested that we take a little weekend jaunt since I was already going to be out there. D and I have backpacked through Europe together back in the 90’s, we’ve slept on trains thru Spain, in train stations in Germany and Italy, on a house boat owned by a shady man who wore the same leather pants daily in addition to very frisky hands in Amsterdam and we’ve cried together on a plane upon leaving Argentina after spending a couple of months in Buenos Aires.

So, when she suggested we stay at the Hicksville Trailer Palace, I was down. I didn’t know much other than what she told me, but I checked the website and upon seeing the quirky little trailer community, I was smitten. So, off we went. The most interesting thing about this place, and something that adds to the appeal, is that I couldn’t begin to tell you where it is. They have strict rules at HTP. No checking in on any location sites and they do not share the directions until 24 hours prior to your arrival. It’s all very top secret, so we felt like we were kind of a big deal.  So, after turning left on this street and taking a right down that one, we ended up on a dirt road and we began to giggle nervously, until I said…’you know if we scream, no one will hear us….’ But, we make it. It’s really in the middle of nowheresville, but that just adds to the charm. We are met by the manager on site and he gives us the nickel tour and leaves us to our own devices. The first thing that comes to mind upon seeing the property is that its very ‘Pee Wee’s Playhouse’ in its colorful and quirky themed decor, but absolutely charming. We stayed in The Fifi, which was designed by the owners of Fifi Mahony’s wig store in New Orleans. It’s pretty cute. A big party had just left, so we pretty much had HTP to ourselves for two days. It was such a treat! There is plenty to keep you busy at Hicksville, and if not, Joshua Tree is just down the road, you take a left and then a right and there you are!

The view from Hicksville

Hangout and Play

Rec Area


Art from The Shim Sham Club - New Orleans {And funny enough, I come to find out that the owner, Morgan Higby Night, previously owned this great bar in New Orleans called the Shim Sham Club which as soon as I found it, I was there every night on my first trip there.}

The view from the hot tub deck

Miss D

Sunset at Hicksville

The Pony

Our home, The Fifi at Sunset

The Integratrailer at Sunset

The Fifi

Glowing wig heads inside The Fifi

The Fifi

Hazy afternoon in Hicksville

The glowing heads change colors!