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So, back in January I started this Austin Bucket List so to speak, which I have been crossing off any ‘to-do’s’ as the year has progressed. It’s been a HOT HOT HOT Summer, making it not as appealing to spend time outside, that said, it just dawned on me that it’s SEPTEMBER (how did that happen?) and I still have quite a few things to hit up before the year ends. I have also discovered, that I am not the most diligent blogger. I try and I try, but considering that I look after several other businesses and their Social Media, I am always putting myself last in terms of sharing my experiences. So, I either gotta step it up, or find a way to do my posts in a more visual way (which is probably more appealing to me anyhow, since I prefer letting the picture tell the story).

But, I digress….let’s get down to bidnezz shall we? I have probably eaten more BBQ this year than ANY previous year in my life.

If you Google Lockhart, Texas – No doubt, you will see the words BBQ / Capital / Texas. It says so right here. I had SMITTY’S MARKET high on my list, since I had already tried their sausage, but I had never been to the brick and mortar. So, one Sunday after picking up my sister at the airport, we headed South(eastish). It’s about 40 minutes from Austin, give or take, and if you are starving, it seems a wee bit longer. But, we made it. The town is your typical small Texas town, real cutesy with a courthouse serving as the center. We parked and headed in to get in line. When you arrive to order, you are standing like right near the pit, so it’s hot as balls up in there! I was a bit nervous, because not being a seasoned BBQ eater, I wasn’t sure how much of what to order, but luckily we were with a pro. So, I just stood there and smiled 😉 and tried to take a few shots in the hot as hell smoke pit ordering room. They wrap up all your meats in pretty brown paper and following that, you head into the ‘market’ side, which looks real cute and vintage to pick out the rest of your sides, drinks etc..and then you get yourself seated, unwrap your meat gifts and have at it. It’s pretty damn delicious and my favorite is still the sausage…it’s TO DIE. Needless to say, we left very satisfied.

Smitty’s is open daily. Check the website for hours.

Check it out….

yes they have avocado! How refreshing!

The Dining Area

Great signage

Winding down

Homeade Weiners!

The Wood