I once lived in Paris. I studied photography in the early 2000’s. Wow, it doesn’t seem so long ago, but ten years! My my my, how time flies! I have a love for all things French, the people, the food, the culture, the architecture, the cheese (did you know that there are more French cheeses than there are days of the year?), the stylish french women, the history….I could go on and on.

We really have to thank the French for so much, high fashion, haute cuisine, umbrellas…even street lighting! I found all of this out when a friend gifted me ‘The Essence of Style’ by Joan DeJean. The book basically states that without Louis XIV, we would not be living as we do. It’s really a great read filled with all sorts of cultural goodies and fun factoids to impress your friends and other people that you just want to impress ;).

Here is a link from 2005 on NPR of the author, Joan DeJean discussing the book with Renee Montagne upon it’s release.

Photo Courtesy of: Amelie Dupont / Paris Tourist Office