I’ve got another notch in my bucket list belt. I went to the Round Top Antiques Fair a while back and I FORGOT to post about it…bad bad. Alas..here I am reporting. I love antiquing. I think I take that from my grandmother, Lydia. She loves a good bargain hunt and used to spend like 2-3 weeks in the Texas Hill Country doing just that. So, Round Top, for those who don’t know, is a tiny little town due east of Austin, just past La Grange. For years, I have only associated La Grange, with the most kick ass of Rock & Roll songs by my favorite trip, ZZ TOP, so here is a link to their video just cause it’s awesome and I love them.

Anywho…Round Top has this FABULOUS antiques fair twice a year. According to wikipedia, the town actually just has like 77 people, which is beyond me. But, twice a year, vendors from all over come and set up shop underneath giant white tents and people come from miles to soak it up. Spring was in the air, and once we took the turn from La Grange, it was the cutest picturesque two-way street and then…wait for it..TENTS! White Tents for days! I was gasping in disbelief and excitement because I could see old wagons, vintage telephone booths, a Bob’s Big Boy, stained glass windows…you get the picture. If you are in the central Texas area in the Spring or Fall and love looking through junk, do your self a favor next time and GO!

vintage windows & stained glass for sale

Bob’s Big Boy is adorable!




I think I died….

and made it to heaven when I found these sweet red cowboy boots! They are mine now!

Dave Lennard Inc.

bad ass skulls at www.davelennard.com 

safety first!

all images by me: the digital bird | lisa munoz
some of the nice vendors I met who allowed me to shoot in their pop up shops:
Robert Nicholas of Splurge Design
Dave Lennard of Dave Lennard Inc.