My Austin Bucket list has another little notch on it’s belt. Numero Uno was to ‘swim in Barton Springs and I did so last week. It was a beautiful sunny day, not too hot, not too cold and I jumped in and it was cold, but as my girl Yvette once said…’it will cool you from the inside out’
These past few months when I have described my goals via this blog, swimming in Barton Springs was always one of the main things that I mention (albeit with a very embarrassed ashamed look) because, it’s almost a rite of passage for those who live in Austin. I can’t believe that I have lived here since 2007, that’s four very long hot summers, and I had not yet dipped myself in this invigorating natural spring.

It stays at 68 degrees year round! How cray is that? Open daily. Admission is $3.00.
Details here

‘Dog Beach’