Obviously, I love to take pictures and back in the days of film, I used to get all of my photos printed up and I even made albums of all my escapades. From High School thru College, I always had a camera on hand and pretty much documented every little event, dinner, bar outing, and International trip I took with much enthusiasm. The wait to pick up my photos always seemed so long, I can’t believe that was just over a decade ago. Now, with the advent of digital, we take so many photos, post them to Facebook, Flickr, Smugmug what have you, but how many of us actually go one step further and make prints? I know I have gotten extremely lax about the whole process and it kinda makes me sad. 
This past Christmas I decided to gift everyone a framed photo that I have taken, some for sentimental value, others because I just find them cool and want to share some art. I have decided that moving forward, photos will be my gifts. Mother’s Day is less that a week away and I had the idea to make my mom a photo book from our trip to West Texas in early March. I took over a thousand photos for heavens sake, so they should live somewhere else other than my iphoto library. 
Shutterfly.com  is offering expedited shipping if you order by tomorrow, May 3. It took me under an hour to edit, select and create my photobook. It’s being shipped to my mom in time for Sunday and she can display this memory in her house and have some great stories to tell as well. 
I realize I am displaying her gift online before Mother’s Day, but I have a sneaking suspicion that she won’t be checking my blog…. šŸ˜‰ She usually only does when I inform her of new content. So…here is hoping that she does not feel the need to wander over here before Sunday.