As I previously posted here, planning a first garden is a process. I’ve been reading, Amy’s, ‘From the Ground Up: The Story of a First Garden. It’s her story of the trials and tribulations of planting her first garden, but the way she tells it, you feel like you are getting to know her and at the same time learning some valuable and humorous lessons. 

Ok, back to my garden, after you spend lots of time on your hands and knees prepping your dirt, then you get to go shopping! We went back to the Natural Gardener to buy our plants and seeds. We ended up with lots of baby tomatoes, easier and less of a pest magnet. Squirrels LOVE to munch on the big guys, as I learned a few seasons back when I shared a garden. We also got TONS of peppers, so I imagine we will be spicing it up later this summer. The rest of our selection ended up being corn, eggplant, tri-colored beans, okra, cucumbers and watermelons and a bunch of herbs. 

Goats live at The Natural Gardener!

Laura searching out the goods

Picking out tomato varieties 

The pantaloon wearing Rooster

So big, they need a map

Laura REALLY wanted this stylish hat 😉