Taylor and Dean on the set of ‘Giant’
Elizabeth Taylor

It’s no secret to anyone that knows me that I LOVE classic Hollywood films. One of my all time favorites has been ‘GIANT, since I first saw it back in high school. I was obsessed with James Dean for most of my high school years. I read books on him, owned all of his films, sadly just three and read countless bios. Being a Texas girl, and having a love for epics (I’m the girl who sat all of her friends down in junior high and made them watch ‘Gone With the Wind – all 6 hours of it) I was super excited to visit Marfa, Texas, because that is where ‘Giant’ was filmed. The cast and crew stayed at the historic, Paisano Hotel, in downtown Marfa. It is a real lovely place, with lots of old ‘Giant’ memorabilia. It also holds a special place in my heart, because my late boss, Dennis Hopper, was part of the film and we used to talk about Marfa when I worked for him.
Here’s hoping Dennis and Dean are entertaining Liz right now…

‘Giant’ is on 24-7 at The Paisano

Willy + Laura

a young Dennis Hopper

Love the tile and my new Tom’s

View to lobby

View to patio with fountain

Paisano Lobby