The Pizza Foundation – Marfa, TX

We drove the 7.5 hours from Austin to Marfa, it was actually a really nice drive. My old college buddy, Mike hooked us up with a fantastic deal at Enterprise for a Ford FLEX, which turned out to be the coolest road trip vehicle ever! So comfy, spacious and it even had a power outlet, which was great if you don’t have a car charger for your phone or need a camera battery charge. Rolling into Marfa after the sun had set there wasn’t that much to see or familiarize ourselves with, but we wanted a good meal, and judging by what we had already heard about establishments making their own hours, we saw a place that was open and we went for it. The Pizza Foundation has some of the yummiest pizza I have ever tasted along with a Greek Salad that is to die! It’s very ‘no frills’ set up in what I imagine was an old car repair garage. Some of the diners were nice enough to give our big group their table (thank you!). A couple of my friends, who are locals, were on their way to meet up and I was getting impatient with my sister to get seating, until I went outside to see what she was up to, only to find one of my oldest and dearest friends, Willy, waiting to surprise me!!! He had flown in from LA, rented a car in El Paso and drove to Marfa, all to surprise lil’ ol’ me. I was pretty tickled pink and brought to tears. A very special start to a wonderful weekend in West Texas.
Last I checked, The Pizza Foundation is open 7 days a week. GO!

Willy + Deanna – my LA peeps