Since I am at the shop all day on Saturdays, I’m not able to hit the farmers market like I used to, which used to be one of my favorite Saturday activities. Luckily, Austin has the Sunday, HOPE Farmers Market located on 5th and Waller on the Eastside. It’s not as big as the Saturday markets, but it has pretty much everything you need and it also mixes in a little bohemian vibe which makes it fun and relaxing. Yesterday, I picked up a bag of green tomatoes, which I have never done anything with, but I figured I would research some recipes and figure out some way to use them this week. We also ate some fantastic tamales by The Gardeners Feast and finished it off with a scrumptious mini Plum Pie by Pie Fixes Everything

Cooky Cauliflower

Yes, it does…

Plum Pie…to die