photo credit: me

So, as we all know…the big red, white and pink holiday is right around the corner. I love all holidays, I like this one mostly because I love the color combo. I know, it’s a silly reason, but I do. One of my friends is having her first annual party in conjunction with her hubby to promote their businesses. She is absolutely adorable, an amazing hair stylist and I am honored that she asked me to photograph the event this Sunday. I can pretty much promise, it will be real real CUTE!
Her new venture is called I LOVE YOU. She has such a sweet infectious personality and always puts me in a good mood. Since she is all about puppies, rainbows, unicorns and sparkles, the name for her salon is quite fitting. I also came across this sweet headband that totally screams Farah (that’s her), so her assistant and I went halvsies on it and we will present it to her later today. I think she might shed a tear, it’s just too cute! I can’t to see it on her.
Happy Valentines weekend!

headband + photo: courtesy of