So, it seems we are back on our way to more familiar weather for our parts. These last couple of weeks have been real chilly for Texas. With this freezing weather, and even SNOW that stuck, which is totally unheard of in Austin, I’ve been sort of a homebody. Plus, my mom was in town for a week and half and I haven’t kept to my regular schedule. So, that said I’ve been a bad blogger :(. I will get back into the swing of things.  My mom did bring a little bit of sunshine with her from South Texas during her visit. His name is Otis, he belongs to my little sister, A. but we all like to pretend that he belongs to each and every one of us. When it snowed last week, we let Otis outside and he was so silly to watch. Not being from a cold area, he really didn’t know what to make of the white stuff. Walking gingerly out in it, it took him a while, before he realized that he could eat it and that it was fun stuff!

Otis’ little paw prints

I walked out to this!

The coolest was looking out my window before any tire tracks had been made

Palms don’t dig the snow y’all!