This past Saturday was a gorgeous mild sunny day. My sister and I both took the day to get out of Austin and explore our surroundings. We decided on Luckenbach, there was a Blues Festival, mentioned here and we thought that was a good excuse to check it out. The drive is about 70 miles and due West from our home in South Austin. We drove thru Dripping Springs, Johnson City (where LBJ is from), Albert and Stonewall. Just before you get to Fredricksburg is a little turn off to Luckenbach, which apparently we were lucky to find, because according to one of my books, the signs have a tendency to get stolen pretty quickly :).
I wasn’t aware, but the entirety of Luckenbach is within the area where the dancehall is located. It encompasses around 13 acres give or take. We got there in time to check out Guy Forsyth, whom I have never seen, but he plays around Austin all of the time, so that was cool and following his band we watched Lincoln Durham perform solo and acoustic. The crowd was nice and chill, I drank some Pearl Beer and had a real good day.
We left as the sun was going down and drove towards Fredericksburg, thru town and over towards Mason and had dinner at The Hilltop Cafe, a very unassuming little spot with a gourmet menu. It was my second time there and that place does not disappoint! When we left the sky was filled with stars, something you don’t see very often living in a city, and we stared into the darkness feeling very small.

Check the Luckenbach Dancehall site for the calendar
The Hilltop is open Tuesday – Saturday, reservations are recommended

Found this random couch in Johnson City.
My sister was imagining some hipster band taking their pics on it (ha)

Albert, Texas – Dancehall

Guy Forsyth 

Roosters everywhere and apparently they fly and like to hang out in trees.
Who knew?

Lincoln Durham

The security guard looked pretty comfy rockin with his boots

This lady was so cute! I complimented her on her fab jacket (thrift store buy) and it was her birthday 🙂